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...And Then You Die of Dysentery: Lessons in Adulting from the Oregon Trail

...And Then You Die of Dysentery: Lessons in Adulting from the Oregon Trail

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By (Author) : Lauren Reeves, Jude Buffum

Pack your wagons, find your ride-or-(literally) die friends, and roll up to Matt’s General Store with a sack of cash—it’s time to hit the Oregon Trail, twenty-first-century style! …And Then You Die of Dysentery is the perfect send-up to the sometimes frustrating, always entertaining, and universally beloved Oregon Trail computer game. Featuring a four-color design in the game’s iconic 8-bit format, alongside pop culture references galore, the book offers 50 humorous, snarky lessons gleaned from the game’s most iconic moments, including gems such as:
Suffering from exhaustion is a real thing. (It’s not just PR code for why a celebrity went to rehab.)
If you hunt too frequently in one area, game will become scarce. (The first signs of gentrification!)
Invite your sweetie to cuddle with you while looking up at the stars. (The night sky was the original Netflix & Chill. Step 1: Loosen up Orion’s belt...)

With its laugh-out-loud commentary and its absurdist nostalgia, ...And Then You Die of Dysentery is the ultimate trip down memory lane … all the way to the Willamette Valley.

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